Pick of the Day: John Mulaney: From Scratch (in LA) 6/24-6/30 & 7/5-7/14

You might have heard that John Mulaney is working on a new hour, From Scratch, as well as an entirely new phase of life. Vulture’s Jesse David Fox captured what that experience was like as the beloved Mulaney is drawing from such a personal vein unlike he has ever done before.

John had a run of From Scratch that sold out in NYC and now it’s in LA at The Troubadour from now to Jun. 30th and then Jul. 5th-14th. Currently, all the shows are sold out, but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope for stand-by tickets or checking @thetroubadour for possible tickets to get released last minute. There are still plenty of these very exclusive shows that you might get lucky (though be prepared to spend a pretty penny for it).