Pick of the Day: Moses Storm HBO Special Taping (in LA) 10/21

Moses Storm was set to tape his very first stand-up special in a collaboration between Team Coco and HBO Max. He was set to tape it right before a little thing known as COVID-19 struck and cancelled any such thing of any kind. As many comedians who had tours and tapings lined, Moses had to postpone it indefinitely and had to even reschedule it when it looked like things were getting back to “normal” right before the Delta variant arrived in LA.

Welp, after several of months of waiting, Moses is actually going to actually get to tape that special that he has been more than ready to do for so, so very long. It’s going to happen at The Montalbán Theatre in the heart of Hollywood on Thurs. Oct. 21st. at 7:30PM PT and 9:30PM PT. Best of all, just like in the before times, tickets to this taping are FREE. Get those tickets and more details here.