Moontower Comedy Festival Partners with JFL to Expand from 4 Day to 10 Day Festival

Collabs in any sector were one of the defining things of creative endeavors of this era. The pandemic has accelerated the trend as brands, companies, initiatives, and even festivals have partnered up to stand stronger in numbers.

When it comes to comedy festivals in North America, both Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival and the various festivals operating under the Just For Laughs umbrella are top tier. Just announced today, both Moontower and JFL are partnering to create the Moontower Just For Laughs Austin festival set for next Spring, April 2022. Undoubtedly, the cache between the two will make for a more formidable comedy line-up than Moontower already commands, but details as to what that might be like have yet to be revealed.

However, Moontower JFL Austin will span 10 days as opposed to the 4 day weekend that Moontower has covered in years previous. Considering that a good chunk of comedy moved down to Austin during the pandemic merely because it was open, despite COVID-19 not being over, before much of the rest of North America, we can’t wait to see what sort of programming Moontower/JFL are going for and how much they’re going to balance national/international acts with local talent (which very well might include comedians that transplanted from LA and NYC).

We’ll just have to wait and see, but MJFLA ought to be one of the biggest comedy festivals on the continent from what’s being hinted at here.