Pick of the Day: Moon Goon’s Hallmark Christmas Movie in 4D (in LA) 12/8

The 4D Movie Experience is usually relegated to movies of the Fast & Furious persuasion as such films have ample opportunity to rumble seats and blow air on the back of your neck in addition to have HD surround sound.

That said, wouldn’t it be kind of great, especially during this holiday season, to get the 4D movie experience for something along the lines of a wholesome Christmas movie? What would the 4D effects even be for that?

Well, such curiosities will be satisfied as a great long standing LA comedy group Moon Goon will put on a Hallmark Christmas Movie in 4D live on stage in an adorable Hollywood black box theater. It’s even being billed as interactive, which we ponder if that means it’ll be like Sleep No More? No matter what happens, we’re sure it’ll beat whatever drive-through interactive movie experience you might have had in 2020.

Moon Goon is comprised of the comedy talents of Mary Anthony, Kylie Brakeman, Jill Cepela, Jeremy Culhane, Jasmine Don, Josh Fleury, Angela Giarratana, Paul Heredia, Mary Lou, Skyler Madsen, Chance McCrary, Patrick McDonald, Nikki Mckenzie, and Andrew Santiago.

Moon Goon’s Hallmark Christmas Movie in 4D is set for Wed. Dec. 8th at the Broadwater Black Box at 8:30PM PT and will be presented by The Comedy Co-op. Tickets are only $12.25 (i.e. the date of Christmas). Go get them here before they sell out.