Pick of the Day: The Comedy Co-op Presents Moon Goon (in LA) 3/5

At Feb. 24th, 2022, there’s still no telling what is going to happen with UCB and any sort of in-person return. That said, the beloved performers of the Upright Citizens Brigade, especially the house improv and sketch teams, are still very much around and very much want to take the stage again to perform for those folks that would line-up around the block night after night at any UCB in LA or NYC.

Moon Goon was a heralded Maude sketch team that sported the comedic acumen of many of UCB’s very best including Mary Anthony, Kylie Brakeman, Jill Cepela, Jeremy Culhane, Jasmine Don, Josh Fleury, Angela Giarratana, Paul Heredia, Mary Lou, Skyler Madsen, Chanse McCrary, Patrick McDonald, Nikki Mckenzie, and Andrew Santiago putting up sharply written and daringly performed bits, characters, and more every month pre-pandemic.

Thanks to the Comedy Co-op, Moon Goon is returning again to the stage, this time at the ultra cool, all-inclusive arts/event space Junior High in Glendale on Sat. Mar. 5th at 8PM PT. Tickets are only $12 and the sales go directly to the performers (an important sticking point in The Comedy Co-op‘s mission)

Space is limited, so go get your tickets now before it sells out right here.