Kevin Smith Is Launching a Delivery Pop-Up for Mooby’s in Support of Feeding Undocumented Families

Within the Kevin Smith universe, Mooby’s is the chain restaurant that sharply poked fun at both organized religion and capitalism. It’s definitely one of the many great details throughout Kevin Smith’s Dogma.

As there has been a trend of pop culture themed pop up restaurants in LA AND there’s a need to take care of each other right now during this pandemic, Kevin Smith will actually be launching an entire Mooby’s pop-up in support of No Us Without You, an organization dedicated to feeding undocumented families that are most certainly in need at this time.

The menu for this special pop-up includes:

Mooby’s Messy Lasagnawich: (available as a vegan option), Hater Totz, and Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Every meal comes with an autographed card from Kevin Smith.

There’s also a wide variety of beer and wine.

This Mooby’s pop-up will start this Sun. Apr. 19th via Postmates and will run all the way to Sat. Apr. 25th. Get more details and put your orders in here.

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Ever since I first introduced the fictional fast food joint in my films, folks have said “You suck at movies, so open a Mooby's!” Now the folks who did @savedbythemax is building the @moobyspopup – an IRL eatery in Los Angeles that opens later this year, pandemic depending! But as a preview of what’s to come, a Mooby Meal will be available for delivery in L.A. via @postmates starting THIS SUNDAY and running til 4/25! Our takeout Mooby Meals include "Mooby's Messy Lasagna Sandwich" with a side of "Hater Totz" and "Chocolate Covered Pretzels" for dessert! And for your “toy surprise”, we include an autographed Reboot card from me, that will also entitle the bearer to front row slots when the pop-up is finally open to the public! And we’re donating the proceeds to @nouswithoutyou (providing meals to families in need effected by Covid 19). If you’ve ever seen #dogma, or #jayandsilentbobstrikeback, or #clerks2, or #jayandsilentbobreboot, you’ve seen fake people eat at a fake fast food joint! Now, BE a fake person eating actual food from a real restaurant! Many thanks to @heyitsderekberry and the #savedbythemax folks for making a dopey dream come true! Follow @moobyspopup and on the high holiday of 4/20, live the Mooby’s slogan “I’m Eating It!” (Mooby Meals will be prepared by Chef @royce_burke and the @secret_lasagna team. Limited amounts daily, all of which will be offered first come, first serve. Hours 12pm-8pm. Follow @MoobysPopUp for more info!)

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