James Adomian’s Mike Lindell Comes Face to Face with the Real(?) Mike Lindell

Jimmy Kimmel Live could have kept tapping the brilliant James Adomian for his masterful impersonation of My Pillow’s Mike Lindell and that, by itself, would have been a very satisfying running bit.

Yet, the late night gods were dreaming about something a bit bigger and getting a little bit gonzo with the whole thing. Jimmy Kimmel, after dedicating several minutes of his monologue that he has dedicated to roasting Mike Lindell, invited him on the show and, surprisingly (and against the advice of everyone) accepted the invitation.

We had a feeling that Adomian’s Lindell might be part of a bit within and around Lindell chatting with Kimmel, but what actually happened was so much better. Jimmy had the latter half of his monologue centered on dealing with a severely disheveled Lindell as played by Adomian. Of course, it was hysterical and thrilling with the real Mike Lindell lurking around backstage.

Then, Kimmel brings out the (supposedly) real Mike Lindell and has a somewhat jovial conversation that does eventually turn to trading jokes about Mike’s former crack addiction for Lindell, yet again, voicing some of his more wild beliefs about voter fraud. In the last two minutes, Adomian comes out to do his Lindell to Lindell himself. It’s amazing and it kind of left Mike with no moves except to laugh at the (only slightly) funhouse mirror version of himself, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t happen too often.

Well, Adomian has actually gotten to do that quite a bit including with Bernie Sanders and Andy Kindler because, well, James is just that magical.