Please Get and Enjoy Mike Carrozza’s Purely Silly Debut Album “Cherubic”

If reality is too much right now (and we’re betting that it is), you might be seeking something far removed from the present moment, something abjectly silly, absurd (and cheekily self-aware).

If that is indeed the case, you might want to dive into Mike Carrozza‘s debut comedy album Cherubic that has so many delightful twists, turns, tomfoolery, hysterically intentional “long walks” and is, overall, just a genuine stroke of joy (oh, how rarely we use that word these days). This whole album, whether Mike is in the bit or outside of it making fun of how silly a premise is, takes you down so many avenues and it’s a delightful ride all the way through. Truly, you can imagine Carrozza beaming through all his carefully constructed shenanigans that are undeniably fun and it harkens back to a time and place that, well, is just not now. Carrozza hails from Canada and this first hour bodes well for more jubilant comedy coming on  down from up north.

Mike Carrozza’s Cherubic comes out this Fri. Sept. 4th. Pre-order/buy  fresh from Blonde Medicine here.