Please Listen to and Enjoy Mike Bridenstine’s “Hustle”, an Hour of Observational Comedy, Updated for Nowadays

Even in 2022, the label “observational comedy” still conjures up a high pitched, slightly nasal utterance of “What’s the deal with [insert any topic of minutia]?” However, this current modern era of comedians that focus their jokes and bits on the observations of the world around them and their life, the sound, feel, writing, delivery, and verisimilitude have evolved to something (thankfully) that’s disparate from living comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld.

Mike Bridenstine‘s sophomore release, Hustle, exemplifies this evolution wonderfully.

Bridenstine’s comedy is indeed very delineated in an observational style, but Bridenstine’s candor and genuine enthusiasm hide the seams of his material much better than comedy of yesteryear. Whether zooming in on the micro with Star Wars minutia or zooming out to trying to solve racism or getting personal with his own life-altering time playing baseball, here on Hustle, Mike maintains a chummy, grounded delivery that really make his punchlines and the comedic twists in his stories hit sweetly. There’s a traditional rise in volume when he ramps up to those elements, but none of it feels forced in a way that would take you out of the listening experience to think about every comedian who has raised their voice to punctuate their jokes.

Even though so many presidential candidates have strived to be the candidate you can have a beer with, Bridenstine really has mastered how to make such a connection with a crowd on a given night.

Mike Bridenstine’s Hustle is out now from AST Records and avaialble wherever you get your comedy albums. Give it a listen here.