Pick of the Day: Mike Birbiglia’s Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party 3/24-3/27

Without even a shadow of a doubt, both Mike Birbiglia and pizza have thrived during the pandemic. Birbiglia has managed to configure a way to do his beloved brand of stand-up and storytelling as well as raising so much money for worthy causes/waitstaff for comedy clubs across the U.S. and getting some pizza has been one of the perfect options for joyful sustenance while having to stay at home because of COVID-19.

So, the wonderful twain shall meet on Mar. 24th-Mar. 27th as Birbiglia’s latest runs of shows will indeed be stand-up comedy and stories about, you guessed it, pizza. Called Mike Birbiglia’s Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party, it’ll be streaming from Nowhere Comedy Club and tickets are $25.

You best get them quick as they’re selling out quick. Snag them up here and then spend the rest of the month thinking of the perfect pizza wherever you are to pair with this evening.