Get Your First Look at Middleditch and Schwartz’s Improv Specials Coming to Netflix

When it comes to televised improv, all that most people have seen or known about is the short form improv institution that is Whose Line Is It Anyway? 

Yet, Middleditch & Schwartz might just get to that status very soon. The duo made up of Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz have toured together around the globe as, perhaps, one of the most successful long form improvisational comedy acts of all time, creating hysterical scenes and having a solid, surprising narrative arcs seemingly out of nowhere.

So, Middleditch & Schwartz are about to make television history with a full-fledged long form improv (scenes get improvised just off a suggestion versus short form improv that relies on very specific games that have very specific rules to improvise through) comedy special. That comes after reaching milestones like having continuously sold-out performances at Largo, touring everywhere, and playing Carnegie Hall.

Seeing how they’ll make that translate into a comedy special given the ephemeral nature of improv will undoubtedly be fascinating (and probably why they’re releasing three performances of them). You can get your first look at what that might look like with this trailer here, then look for them to drop on Tues., Apr. 21st on Netflix.