Pick of the Day: Middle Aged Dad Jam Band (in LA) 5/20

If there was a middle aged dad jam band of your dreams, it would probably have Ken Marino and David Wain in it, right? Right.

So, with that in mind, you might want to get yourself a ticket to the so-called Middle Aged Dad Jam Band with Ken, David, Frank Barrera, Sweet Teddy P, Jon Spurney, Jordan Katz, and Henry Wain and find your way to Little Secret in Hollywood. It’ll be sweet jams that will have even sweeter, brilliant musical comedy guests including Weird Al Yankovic, Jo Lo Truglio, Jackie Tohn, and Jessica McKenna.

This round of Middle Aged Dad Jam Band is set for this Sat. May 20th with doors at 7PM and starting at 8PM. Also, you should know that all of this show is only coming to you for $15 if you get your tickets right now. Go get ’em here.