Michelle Buteau’s First Hour “Buteaupia” Channels Living Your Best Life Into a Comedy Special

The pure things in this world right now seem to be such rare finds (and, even at that point, who knows how really pure it is with some quick Internet research). Undoubtedly, some would point to that skater lip synching Fleetwood Mac as one of those rare pure things.

We would like to point you to Michelle Buteau and her very first (long overdue) hour stand-up special, Buteaupia.

Buteau has been and is a pure manifestation of celebration and this special shows this off beautifully. She truly exudes the idea of  living her best life whether she shrewdly and slickly talks about the cultural differences between her and Dutch husband or working with one of her idols, J. Lo. Michelle’s energy is infectious. It’s very hard to not be charmed by her presence (and that glimmering ensemble she dons for this special).

In addition to such a radiance and cleverness in all of her personal observations, Michelle does something that so few comedians do by really sending a message of personal empowerment in a very genuine, non-self-help-book, way to the audience and anyone else watching Buteaupia later. Whether she’s talking to the crowd or weaving that sentiment into bit, Michelle ties off her special in a manner that leaves you smiling in such a pure way.

Michelle Buteau’s Buteaupia is streaming now on Netflix and it might the thing  you need to watch right now.