Post Modern Vaudevillian Michael Rayner Outdoes Your Tik Tok Without Any Dancing or Sketches

As performers and viewers alike are stuck at home, the prospect of diving into the Gen Z driven social media platform TikTok has become more and more likely. There are certainly plenty of comedians that have often derided TikTok in the past and yet, they have now succumbed to figuring out the dance-centric videos or bits that seem reminiscent of Vine, often to little success.

That’s not to say it’s impossible from comedians of older generations to figure out the newest thing as one, Michael Rayner, a juggler/balancer/stand-up comedian/self-proclaimed postmodern Vaudevillian, has virtually blown up over night on TikTok. Garnering 103.2K followers on the platform as of this post (gaining almost the entirety of it in just a few weeks), would you have guessed that someone who came up performing on late night for decades, including appearances on Letterman and Corden, and who has been spinning cheeseburgers on parasols would be a TikTok hit?

Certainly, his endless bag of feats that include balancing random people’s shoes, a wheel barrow, and action figures as well as juggling almost anything and spinning food on a parasol have been quite the perfect fit for TikTok. Dive into Rayner’s TikTok here to see all of this for yourself.

We’ve seen Rayner do this plethora of tricks, feats, and bits for several years now whether it be at something as hip as Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch or during a show for families in a local library and have always been blown away by them every time (especially as he can usually do crowd work that can skew family friendly or not while juggling, balancing, etc.). Finally, he’s gotten a bit of the following he very much deserves and proves that there’s a way to do TikTok for comedy that isn’t trying to copy what the kids are doing.

If you’re digging Michael Rayner like we’ve done for years, you can tip him at his Venmo @mcrayner55 or even book him for a live-stream show by e-mailing