Pick of the Day: Mentioned You. (in NYC) 7/13

A competitive dating show is a tried and true formula. From The Dating Game to F Boy Island, the entertainment value is kind of undeniable, especially in regards into unintentional (or maybe intentionally “unintentional”) comedy that gets run through the gauntlet on the Internet and lives on forever in meme vernacular.

So, why not up the ante with having comedians competing against each other in a dating show format? Well, that’s exactly what is happening with Ethan Terzi’s “Mentioned You.” where 5 comedians square off to win the love (or more accurately, momentary attraction?) of 1 bachelorette. NYC comedy’s Ryan Long, Andrew Casertano, Adam Gilbert, Caroline Hanes, Ray DeVito, and Tommy Bayer will be the suitors with John Kennedy and Daniela Mora presiding over what should be the best version of a Dating Game/Bachelor format.

So, look out for Mentioned You. @ The Stand on Thurs. Jul. 13th at 10PM. Tickets are $18.69 and you can (and should) go get them here.