Oh Goodness, Please Witness Meg Stalter Do a Set for HBO Max’s Human By Orientation Series

When it comes to the element of presence on stage, Meg Stalter is whirling with it in such a marvelously chaotic way that you can’t help be charmed by it. Even if Meg takes it off the rails (which she almost literally does here), her command of the audience, even to the point of directing reactions, is just so damn fun and transfixing.

Everyone is on the Meg Stalter ride as soon she takes the stage and you won’t want to get off. Stalter put all of these notions on display for HBO Max’s Human By Orientation Series that celebrates queer artists during pride and we can only hope that this leads to a more full-length special of Meg very, very soon.

Watch Meg get wild on a rooftop on DTLA for this set here.