Meg Stalter Might Be Getting Her Very Own HBO Max Show “Church Girls”

(via THR)

Turns out that Meg Stalter’s turn as Kayla in HBO Max’s jewel original series, Hacks, stole so many scenes that HBO Max is giving her a pilot for her very own show.

Called Church Girls, this comedy pilot will be somewhat based off Stalter’s life as a closeted Ohio Christian girl, but undoubtedly have Stalter’s charming chaos woven all throughout it since she is co-writing it.

If you want to get a taste of what Meg does when given her own show, go and binge her wildly fun and demented podcast, Confronting Demons. We hope that sort of energy finds its way into Church Girls, then results in a series order so more of the world can marvel at one of the purest expressions of chaotic good in all of comedy.