A Marvelous Night at the Drive-In 8/20-8/23

Many of the drive-in events in LA, especially as relate to comedy have been on the outskirts of town (or on the outskirts of LA county or beyond). Thankfully, there are pop-up, drive-in events that are coming around to the actual Los Angeles proper, one of which is four nights of the critically acclaimed, award winning series The Marvel Mrs. Maisel at The Grove.

The period piece comedy that follows the rise of Midge Maisel as a comedian in the sixties, since its series premiere, has garnered so much praise and effectively been the face of Amazon Prime’s original comedy slate.

From Thu. Aug. 20th-Sun. Aug. 23rd at 8:30PM, The Grove, in collaboration with Street Food Cinema, will have a drive-in screening of season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, two episodes per night. You can buy tickets/reserve your spot here (they’re sold out right now, but we’d urge you to keep checking throughout the week to see if they release tickets).

Oh, FYI, “guests will receive complimentary concessions, dinner, cupcakes and gift bags.”