Pick of the Day: Who Wants $2.69? with Martin Urbano

Chris Gethard’s virtual comedy network Planet Scum has added a brand new show to their weekly rotation. They now have a game show with the oh-so subversively clever Martin Urbano. Even in the name of the show, you can see how mischievous Urbano is as he’s calling it Who Wants $2.69?.

It’s a trivia show that Urbano will have comedy folks on as guests, but you can play along with the show from wherever you watching. Martin has always been so stellar with misdirection and wordplay in his comedy and that definitely figures into the trivia in Who Wants $2.69? that he’s personally come up with.

So, tune in and get into what will likely be one of the rambunctious trivia live-streams on the Internet on Mondays at planetscum.live at 5PM ET/8PM ET.