Watch Mark Normand Do a Tonight Show Set on The Staten Island Ferry

In case you didn’t know from the several months of lockdown that we’ve gone through and the several more that we will have to go through, comedy venues and live performance venues of all kinds have gone dark. What that entails from these establishments and the performers who take to their stages continues to be very uncertain.

Thus, in 2021, if you want to perform stand-up, you still have to be very outside-the-box as Mark Normand has handily done for his latest late night set on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Normand took to performing on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry, socially distant to a masked crowd in the open air as the crossed the water. It’s a far cry from the bright lights of Fallon’s studio where he tapes The Tonight Show, but that’s what we’re all afforded right now.

Of course, Normand still has a bunch of one-liners at the ready to effectively narrate the short ferry journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Give Mark’s set a watch here.