Pick of the Day: Pooping It Out with Maria Bamford & Friends (in NYC) 9/5-9/7

Maria Bamford is bringing her early, rise and shine stand-up comedy shows across the country all the way to NYC. Whether you’re an early riser or just keeping the night going through to the morning, you’re going to want to watch living and working comedy legend Maria Bamford do a three day run at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective that she’s choosing to call Pooping It Out with Maria Bamford and Friends.

Maria is working her new hour, which is part of the reason why these shows are at 10AM, and will have some of NYC’s very best opening for her, bright and early (for comedians anyway). Joining in support will be Sara Hennessey, Shalewa Sharpe, and Sam Morrison at 10AM on 9/5-9/7.

$10 advanced tickets are already sold out, but you’ll be able to get a chance to see her with limited tickets available at the door (i.e. get up extra early to make sure you get in).