Please Enjoy This Chat Between Maria Bamford and Stephen Colbert, One of the Last Late Show Interviews at Ed Sullivan Theatre Before Lockdown

As the world went into lockdown, the world of late night talk shows was thrown for a loop as to what to do. Everyday, something changed, more things closed, and crowds of people started to disappear where they would normally be. Specifically, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert attempted to do a show without a crowd still in the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Also, Colbert dressed sharply and there will professional level broadcast cameras and, at the very least, there were, probably, crew in the building that you can hear live laughs from.

On this particular taping, the splendid Maria Bamford sat down with Colbert in, of all places, the audience, as there was no one taking up any of those seats at the time, for as normal of a late night style chat as they can have. Of course, Bamford is her same magical self in chatting with Colbert, but this interview also serves an artifact of a time that is so starkly from our own even though it was a only couple of months ago.

Please enjoy this chat and look back at the not so distant past here.