Pick of the Day: The Mads Love Movie Riffing 7/21

The Mads, otherwise known as Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff (that you’d otherwise know from MST3K) are going to doing what they do best and presenting a riff over a classic “best worst” movie, Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda. Together, they very well might be the most experienced movie riffers that rip apart sub par movies offering in-movie commentary today. They were planning on doing this in person on one of those big ol’ tours that so many performers used to go on. Alas, that’s pretty much postponed until 2021.

Still, The Mads are pushing forward with a private YouTube livestream edition of The Mads Love Movie Riffing that’s set for Tues., Jul. 21st at 5PM PT/8PM ET (there will be a Q&A as well). Tickets are $10 (partial proceeds will go to NAACP Empowerment Programs) and you can (and should) go get them here.