R.I.P. Louie Anderson, 1953-2022

Well, the in-memoriam segments of all major awards ceremonies this year, whether they happen in person or virtually, are going to be a tear jerker of a montage, probably more so than usual, for what seems to be a plethora of beloved famous people that are leaving this mortal coil in the last few months.

Louie Anderson will be one such name that’ll be missed. Anderson passed away today after undergoing a recent cancer treatment at 68. The veteran comedian went from working under comedy pioneer Henny Youngman to see all different sides of comedy stardom on stage and screen with his own stand-up, hosting Family Feud, and some of his iconic roles with Life with LouieComing to America, and his latest iconic role as Christine Baskets in Baskets.

Certainly, our lasting memories of Anderson will be of him as Chip and Dale Baskets’ mother and becoming the beating heart and moral compass of Baskets, a tragic comedy about wanting to be a professional clown, beautifully played by Zach Galifianakis. There is an undeniable gravitas from Anderson that not only made for one of the best roles of his entire career, but something that kind of transcended the original premise of the show.

So, take a moment today, go down a rabbit hole on YouTube or Hulu (that’s where Baskets is currently streaming) to honor Anderson’s memory.