Department of Cultural Affairs Offering Funding to Live Theaters in District 2 of LA for Online Experiences

Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs, in normal times, has money earmarked to fund live events and performances. As that’s still not happening in full effect for awhile, they have transitioned a lot of those funds into multiple rounds of artist/theater relief.

This latest round of funding goes towards theaters and theater businesses in District 2, which mostly covers North Hollywood and Studio City. As both partial relief and funding, “stimulation contracts” of $8ooo will be offered to create and foster online experiences as the safer-at-home order is still in place in LA county. The deadline to apply is Jun. 12th.

More specifically:

-Funds may be used for rent, salaries, artist fees, videography, marketing, website administration, and related costs to be incurred between July 1 and August 31, 2020.

-Only one (1) application may be submitted by each theater business.

-Eligible theater businesses with fewer than 50 paid annual workers (including proprietors, salaried employees, and independent contractors) are encouraged to apply below.

Plenty of comedy and comedy adjacent venues definitely fit into these parameters and we can only hope more relief is coming all around the county and the Greater LA Area.

Get more details/apply here.

Restarting Community Business with Live Theaters Headquartered in Council District 2