Pick of the Day: Lorelei Ramirez-Art Is Easy-Citizenship Day Celebration

In honor of Citizenship Day (U.S.) on Thurs. Sept. 17th, Lorelei Ramirez will be doing a very special edition of her Art is Easy that will tie together comedy, art, and an extensive look at immigration in the U.S. It’s a hysterical, mind-bending sort of show unlike really anything that you’ve gotten to see anywhere else on the Internet (unless you’ve been joining Lorelei with their Art Is Easy live-stream).

Joining Lorelei will be the likes of such comedy and art luminaries as Julio Torres and Bowen Yang, both from SNL, and Karen Chee from Late Night with Seth Meyers. It very well may be one of the more enlightening nights of comedy you’ll ever get to experience.

This edition of Lorelei’s Art Is Easy as part of a Citizen Day Celebration is set for Thurs. Sept. 17th at 4PM PT/7PM ET. RSVP here (donations, $10 is suggested, will be accepted for New Americans Campaign to help mitigate the costs associated with citizenship)