Insecure Makes a Full Trailer for Their Faux True Crime Docu-Series “Looking for LaToya”

There are so many ingenious details within Insecure. From hidden Frank Ocean lyrics in the dialogue to all the real locations that get highlighted all around Los Angeles, all the little things really demand repeat viewings of the first three and current fourth season of the series. Another easter egg part of Insecure is the various fictional shows that everyone in Insecure is watching every week. That includes Due North and Kev’yn and they’re equal parts ridiculous and pointed satire about representation on TV.

In the latest season, Insecure pokes fun at the world’s true crime obsession with Looking for LaToya. It’s a true crime docu-series, not unlike some of the ones that you’ve seen on HBO, but it satirically highlights the stark difference when it comes to the color of the victims in a given true crime documentary. You only get to see snippets of Looking for LaToya in scenes, but Insecure was nice enough to put together a whole trailer that is pretty perfect and maybe deserves an actual mini-docu special. Watch and enjoy it  here