Pick of the Day: lol climate change: a show (in LA) 4/6

We’ve seen so many official, peer-reviewed reports on climate change and how it is becoming more and more irreversible and the feeling that whatever we can do being futile seems to grow stronger every week.

That said, there are still actions to be taken and, more importantly, you’re not all alone with climate anxiety. That’s why going to a comedy show where comedians share their own tales of the ever more volatile climates we’re living in to get some community and catharsis in one go (and maybe even meet some folks to get together to take actual action).

The amazing Jenny Yang will be leading off climate stories for lol climate change: a show from the likes of Dylan Adler, D’Lo, Danielle Perez, Reem Edan, Blake Pickens, Kat Evasco, Esteban Gast, and Bianca Cristovao at the gorgeous co-working space, Second Home Hollywood, on Thurs. Apr. 6th at 7PM. Best of all, the show, presented by Yea! Impact, NYU Los Angeles, Good Energy, and Generation 180, is pay-what-you-can with proceeds going towards Meztli Projects, an Indigenous-based arts and culture collaborative in LA).

Again, a great way to alleviate doom and gloom is gathering with other like-minded folks and having a delightful shared experience like a live comedy-storytelling show.