Largo at the Coronet Theatre Will Offer Limited Run of Pre-Taped Shows Starting Next Month

The venerable Largo at the Coronet Theatre, like every other live performance venue in the LA area, is still prohibited from putting on shows indoors with a live audience. Largo has been lucky enough to have episodes of Conan tape at the theatre as a way to have both Conan record his episodes in a theater  and support Largo when they have no ticket sales coming in.

Having had more than a few weeks of Conan performing live, they’ve opted to put together some live performances of their own in their beautiful, rustic theatre.

Per Largo’s mailing list:

Following health and safety protocols, we have been shooting intimate sets by some of our favorite singer-songwriters and performers, and we cannot wait to share these with you!

Our goals here are simple and align with the mission we’ve had over the last 27 years: We want to offer to you our special brand of intimate Largo content showcasing amazing performing artists of all kinds bringing their light into our lives. In doing so we also commit to their financial support as well as that of our small crew and giving back to local and national organizations in need. Proceeds from the Live From Largo series will support Los Angeles non-profits including efforts for voting, hunger and homelessness, like #whenweallvote #lafoodbank #foodonfoot and others.

They haven’t announced the line-up of performers, but knowing that Largo has a storied history of being a place where the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Fiona Apple, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Jon Brion, and more perform, we have no doubt that they’ve got some of their favorites that are very likely some of your favorites line-up for this Live at Largo series.

“Tickets” for this start at $60 for four shows and you can get in on Live at Largo here.