Please Enjoy This Short Film “Lipstick City” from Courtney Karwal

The hellscape that is auditioning in LA (or anywhere really since it’s mostly self-tape these days) is a special ring of hell that is chock full of horror stories that make you question your very essence. As such, some of the best comedic catharsis can be found in whatever the hell people are reading/going in for. It’s essentially a time honored tradition of acting.

Courtney Karwal‘s award winning comedy short, Lipstick City, captures the spirit of that very tradition in an especially hysterically awkward story of one incredibly ill-fated commercial audition. While the audition here does not takes place in a literal hellscape, it would almost seem that some levels of hell would be better than this particular casting session (though it’s pretty damn funny for any of us watching).

So, without further adieu, please enjoy Lipstick City here