Please Enjoy Laurie Kilmartin’s Parenting Tips/Latest Late Night Set on Corden

In addition to being a fantastic staff writer for Conan O’Brien for years and years, Laurie Kilmartin has always kept sharp as a stand-up comedian. In fact, her writing might be some of the sharpest in stand-up comedy today as Laurie never ever stops working at her craft. Throughout lockdown, she did Zoom, drive-in shows, and outdoor shows as much as she could and, for our money, has some of the best COVID material in comedy, end of discussion.

Now that Conan has sailed off into the sunset of TV and comedy history (to return at some point in a non-late-night form on HBO Max), Kilmartin has really honed in her stand-up even more so than she already was doing. She just released her latest album Corset now available for purchase and/or streaming.

Laurie also got to do her very first set on The Late Late Show with James Corden and impart some exemplary strategies for raising your kids. Please enjoy her set here (and then follow everything she does).