Last Week Tonight Gets Renewed Through 2023

The 2020 election is just a couple of handfuls of weeks away and the insanity of it, on top of the general insanity of our times, is undeniable. So, having something like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to give a more nuanced, satirical take on things (though staying clear of any sort of satire paradox with Oliver’s very clear stance on issues) is pretty important.

While we did sadly lose Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj this year, 2020 is seeing a re-upping of Last Week Tonight for three seasons and keep Oliver deep diving into all sorts of topics (that will hopefully be less dark after Nov. 3rd?) all the way through 2023. No matter what happens, John Oliver will continue to be an important part of the late night, political comedy eco-system and have an effect on popular discourse as many people’s entry point into thinking about niche issues come from his particular coverage of them.

Currently, Last Week Tonight is on hiatus, but will be back in full force for October and undoubtedly will be hot on the election trail and whatever absurdity 2020 violently throws at us (as a result of a system that was not checked enough bringing us to where we are now).