Pick of the Day: Kyle Ayers-Hard to Say (in LA) 9/15

With the coming and going of the Edinburgh Fringe, there has been a big wave of solo shows that have come through LA and NYC in preparation to do it almost every night for a month. Thus, we have seen dozens and dozens of solo shows and, as you’d imagine, we have our favorites.

Kyle Ayers, who has been one of the funniest people in LA for years now, has also had to deal with the Trigeminal Neuralgia, a brain disease so painful that it has been nicknamed “Suicide Disease” (as it is reportedly the disease with the highest suicide rate). Ayers, even though he still has to navigate his condition everyday, came up with an absolutely hysterical, gripping, and cathartic solo show, Hard to Say, around how this has affected everything in his life and how it seems like he’s just going to have to live with it.

We got to see a performance of it months ago and was floored from start-to-finish, both with laughter and tugging at heart strings.

Lucky for Angelenos that Kyle is doing his show again at The Elysian on Fri. Sept. 15th at 7:30PM with the marvelous Joel Kim Booster opening. Tickets are $15 and that’s such a novel price to see Ayers doing an astounding show about Trigeminal Neuralgia while still very much having it. Please go get them right now right here.