Please Get Kyle Ayers’ Great New Album “Happiness” That Was Recorded Outdoors Before Comedy Was Only Allowed Outdoors

Few comedians tempt and tango with chaos quite like Kyle Ayers. Whether it’s having comedians write what they think a scene from a particular movie is without ever having seen it or subjecting himself to the elements and chaos of the world by taping an entire comedy album in the back patio of one of LA’s most hip and lively neighborhoods, Kyle thrives in rolling with whatever’s happening in the moment. That’s the true magic of watching comedy live and getting to share that one-time-only experience as someone shifts flawless between their material and a random skateboarder showing up, then making a dramatic exit.

All of that spirit is captured on Ayers’ new album Happiness, which was wonderfully recorded on what would normally be an evening of Good Heroin, Stories Books & Cafe’s surefire Saturday night stand-up show that happens on their outdoor back patio. We’ll note again that this was recorded outside, well before lockdown and most live stand-up wouldn’t dare attempt to be done outside. Again, Kyle thrives in it.

Ayers has plenty of silly, self-deprecating, clever, and whip-smart material that is derived from the more absurd parts of his life. Of course, there’s plenty of it that he invites into his life especially when it comes to the nearly 20 minute epic tale about the stingiest home decor seller on Craigslist. The beauty of the performance here is that nearly everything that was recorded is seemingly left in and you get that fly-on-the-wall feel that is so rare in comedy albums and specials. There is even a pretty fun exchange with his producer about what to do about a clock tower ringing at the top of the hour that would likely get cut from most other albums. Then again, it’s the keeping of that sort of thing that makes you feel like you’re there.

Ayers’ Happiness is coming out this Friday, Oct. 16th, fresh off the presses from Blonde Medicine. Please, please, please go pre-order/get and enjoy Happiness here.