Please Enjoy Kenice Mobley’s Top Notch Debut on Tonight Show

With all the things that are going on at this moment in time, it is indeed so very hard it is to do comedy right now, arguably harder than any other time in our lifetimes. So, trying to do stand-up on late night, for all the hurdles that you would have to clear to do it at all right now (and still dare to do it during the pandemic), is a whole other level of difficulty that no one could have possibly imagined a year and a half ago.

NYC’s Kenice Mobley delivered such a finely tuned set for her first time (remotely and very likely a tiny audience) on The Tonight Show that it should be doubly noted for her stellar delivery and execution of it. Mobley has been a NYC comedy favorite for years now. Without the pandemic, she probably would have gotten to played plenty of cities across the country at this point.

Hopefully, this set will be thoroughly enjoyed and remembered when things can open, safely, in earnest.

Watch and enjoy Kenice’s debut set on The Tonight Show here.