Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang, Trey Parker/Matt Stone, and Vernon Chatman Are Teaming Up for Dark Race Relations Comedy

(via Deadline)

The names of Kendrick Lamar, South Park’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker, or Vernon Chatman are enough to spark a great deal of interest of whatever imaginative project very likely to have a pointed perspective just on their own. Together, it’s a boundless curiosity as to what they’ll come up with.

What Lamar long with pgLang partner Dave Free, Stone and Parker, and Vernon Chatman are developing is something that very well might be in the vein of I’m Sorry To Bother You or an episode of Atlanta, which is pretty damn enticing.

A script by Chatman follows a black-and-white interracial couple that has a black man working as a slave reenactor and his white girlfriend discovering she’s descended from slave owners. Other than it’ll be released by Paramount and it’s the first feature project from the mysterious creative agency pgLang, there are no other details, but we bet your wheels are spinning to wonder just how wild and subversive this project could possibly get.

South Park x pgLang x Vernon Chatman (who boasts several major award wins and carries credits ranging from Wonder Showzen to Conan to The Shivering Truth) ought to be something to behold whenever it comes out. That’s just one more thing to look forward to while the Omicron flavor of COVID-19 continues to do its dance.