Pick of the Day: Kelly Bachman & Dylan Adler: Rape Victims Are Horny Too @ Joe’s Pub (in NYC) 5/16

Last year, Kelly Bachman and Dylan Adler put one of the best works of musical comedy in recent memory with their live album Rape Victims Are Horny Too. It’s a truly astounding and groundbreaking work that is simultaneously so damn funny, but honest and powerful and respective to their own truths as sexual assault survivors. You can read our thoughts about how moving and groundbreaking it is here.

With that in mind, getting to see Kelly and Dylan put the show up live is a must-see experience. Lucky for New Yorkers, Adler is back in NYC for all of May and will be putting on an exclusive evening of Rape Victims Are Horny Too up at one of NYC’s most venerable venues, Joe’s Pub on Tues. May 16th at 9:30PM. Tickets are only $15 (plus 2 drink or 1 food item min.) for this very special, exclusive, who-knows-when-this-will-happen-again night and you best go get them here.