Keegan-Michael Key Will Be Taking Us All Through “The History of Sketch Comedy” Next Year

When it comes to the history of comedy, so much of it is and has been dedicated to stand-up comedy. Yet, as you’d hopefully know, stand-up is only one facet of the art form. Sketch comedy also has a wide and wild history that is very deserving of an extensive and deep retrospective. Sure, SNL gets debated over plenty and there are documentaries and books on the likes of Kids in the Hall and even the doomed The Dana Carvey Show.

Yet, the entire expanse of sketch comedy needs a Ken Burns level of attention to detail and that’s what it’ll get with upcoming Audible audio series, The History of Sketch Comedy, that will be narrated and co-written by none other than Keegan-Michael Key, a sketch comedy icon in his own right just from being Obama’s Anger Translator alone. Key, along with co-writer/director Elle Key, will journey through all of sketch comedy’s past, from 16th century to now, over ten half-hour episodes.

If you are or someone you care about is obsessed with sketch comedy, you might want to get an Audible subscription as and early holiday gift as The History of Sketch Comedy will get an exclusive Audible release on Jan. 28th, 2021.

Photo by Cliff Lipson