Pick of the Day: Katrina Davis-The Comic Is Present (in LA) 4/1 & 4/2

No matter how self-deprecating comedians will ever get and insist that comedy isn’t really an art form as some of us wheel and deal in humor for the lowest common denominator for much success, comedy is indeed an art form. There are others among comedy that actually bristle and brim and even burn through the edges of the forms and tropes of comedy, whatever discipline it may be, that really make it light up like the art form that it could be.

The warm and also sharply funny Katrina Davis is embarking on such a project, The Comic Is Present, with her upcoming performances of The Comic Is Present. Taking a cue from Marina Abramovic’s famous performance piece The Artist Is Present, Katrina will allow audience members to say whatever they want to her while seated opposite her for 60 seconds. Then, Katrina will turn all of that into fodder for a 50+ minute set of stand-up comedy. Neither Marina or Shia LeBeouf with a bag over his head went this far with the performance art, but, then again, either of them probably wouldn’t really want to do the stand-up comedy portion of this comedy experiment.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of what that might look like.

Katrina will be putting The Comic Is Present up at The LODGE in Hollywood/Melrose Hill on April Fool’s Day, Apr. 1st & Apr. 2nd at 6PM PT. You can, and very much should, go get tickets and more info here.