Pick of the Day: How to Poison an Audience with Kate Hollowell (in LA) 11/26

Just off of title alone, comedy mult-hyphenate Kate Hollowell certainly knows how to hook one’s curiosity with her playfully, carefully “unhinged” stage show as pop star persona. When we first heard about it, the show was joyfully called “Number One Popstar Presents: A Sold Out Show *Plenty of Tickets …”, which we’re all in for. Now, it’s even more maniacally and splendidly called “How to Poison an Audience with Kate Hollowell”.

Hollowell does a magnificent and hysterical job sending up the idea of wanting to be a big time pop star and what a desire for fame can do to one’s psyche (on top of making genuine bops throughout the show). Also, Kate still goes the extra mile with having indelible backup dancers for many of her numbers and an actual child playing her very own inner child (that doesn’t take notes very well). Honestly, this does what Lonely Island’s Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping set out to do, but much better.

The next How to Poison the Audience with Kate Hollowell is set for this Sat. Nov. 26th at 7:30PM at The Elysian. Tickets are $12 and you very much can and should get them here.