Pick of the Day: Kate Berlant: Live You’ve Never Seen Her (in LA) Tuesdays in Dec.

Even though we’re just traipsing into the holiday season, The Elysian is doling out the gifts left and right. The latest gift or, we should say, set of gifts, is an entire month long residency from the one and only Kate Berlant. Previous to Dec. 2021 throughout the pandemic, you probably only got to catch Kate’s nuanced, self-reflexive, high brow silliness on some virtual shows or her wondrous podcast, Poog, with Jacqueline Novak.

Now, in LA, you’ll have the chance to see Berlant work out a brand new hour in person every Tuesday in December at LA comedy’s new favorite destination, The Elysian. Well, chances to see that are going fast as most of the shows are sold out already and tickets for a date that was just added Dec. 28th are still available for $20.

Go get them right now before they sell out again!