Pick of the Day: CommuniKate with Kate Berlant 5/4

Sure, you could call up some psychic hotline to get varying quality of a psychic reading. We get it. You want to know the future for yourself and the fate of the world.

However, why settle for psychic-over-the-phone’s reading when you can have comedian of the avant garde Kate Berlant give you a psychic reading? Also, there’s no psychic that you could go see in person right now and Kate’s readings are “truly” grounded in her clairvoyant instincts (as opposed to highly educated guessing and positive reinforcement). Instead, as part of an Instagram Live-stream, @kateberlant will check in with the five guests that donate the most to the emergency COVID-19 food bank at Urban Partners LA from yesterday all the way to midnight on Sun. May 3rd.

Whether you’re not getting a CommuniKate reading or not, it’s a great cause that they’re supporting and it’ll be a singular, potentially life-changing, hysterical experience. Tune in on IG Live @kateberlant on Mon. May 4th at 7PM PT/10PM ET.