Pick of the Day: JFL Festival (Streaming 7/28)

As you well know, there won’t be a grand weeks-long display of comedy in Montreal for the annual JFL Montreal Festival this year, but there will still indeed by stuff happening with JFL’s renowned banner on it. Notably, several streams of live shows, some pre-taped, some live will be streaming at festival.hahaha.com starting tomorrow and be available, free of charge, to stream through the entirety of August.

Such streams will include:

JFL Awards Show starting 7/28

In Conversation with Bert Kreischer starting 7/30

Variety’s Top 10 Comics to Watch starting 7/29

JFL Eat My Shorts starting 7/28

JFL Live in Montreal starting 7/30 (featuring Jen Grant, Nigel Grinstead, Cassie Cao, Marito Lopez, Rodney Ramsey, and Dino Archie; hosted by Jon Dore)

JFL Live in LA starting 7/29 (featuring Maz Jobrani, Gina Yashere, Alonzo Bodden, Jeremy Hotz, Liza Treyger, and Rachel Feinstein; hosted by Sabrina Jalees)

JFL Live in NY starting 7/28 (featuring Todd Barry, Michael Kosta, Josh Johnson, Emma Willmann, Jessica Kirson and Marina Franklin; hosted by Dulcé Sloan)

The Nasty Show starting 7/28 (featuring Donnell Rawlings, Rosebud Baker, Robert Kelly, Yamaneika Saunders, Paris Sashay, and Ari Shaffir)

The Alternative Show starting 7/29 (featuring Maria Bamford, Brian Posehn, Laurie Kilmartin, Patton Oswalt, Solomon Georgio and Tart & Tarver; hosted by Andy Kindler)

Comedy Night in Canada starting 7/30 (featuring Ali Hassan, Arthur Simeon, Brittany Lyseng, Derek Seguin, Courtney Gilmour, Kyle Brownrigg, and Sterling Scott)

Aside from JFL’s New Faces of Comedy (which you need a ComedyPRO pass for), you can stream all of this for free at festival.hahaha.com. Given how rampant the Delta variant is and the rise of breakthrough cases of COVID-19 of fully vaccinated people, it might make watching live comedy just a tad easier this week.