Junior High to Host an Entire Anti-Racism Seminar Just for Venues

As venues are shaking off their dust to reopen their doors for performances in the not so distant future, it is and will be important to leave all the toxic practices that ran rampant through live performances of all kinds behind, especially when it comes to comedy.

So, the good folks at the all-inclusive community arts and performance space, Junior High, have lined-up a very special seminar designed specifically for venues/bookers and how to work anti-racism in their daily operations and booking.


Hosted by Ida Yalzedeh, PhD, this seminar will take an abolitionist and historically-minded approach.

Topics will include:
— Police independent responses
— Racial bias in booking + curation
— De-escalation + conflict mediation

You don’t have to look too hard to find instances in comedy throughout its entire history where these issues were more than applicable and could have used some more enlightenment and grace.

The seminar is set to go live on Zoom at June 8th at 12PM PT/3PM ET and run for four hours. NOTE: Please reach out (contact@juniorhighlosangeles.com) if you’d like to participate but the ticket price is out of budget — we [Junior High] understand the financial hardships venues are facing and our priority is making Los Angeles a safer and more equitable place.

Get more details/book your slot here.

Also, in general, support Junior High and all that they do (and know that they’ve got a brand, new shiny location at 603 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA)