Get a First Look at Joyelle Nicole Johnson’s Special “Love Joy”

We had the esteemed privilege of seeing the taping of a secret(?) special of Joyelle’s years ago at the Steve Allen Theater and was really excited to see the world get to see the whip smart, razor sharp, keenly observed, staunchly feminist (meaning inclusive for everyone FYI) humor of one Joyelle Nicole Johnson. Now, we’re not sure how far that special reached, but it deserved to be seen along with any Netflix/HBO special.

Thankfully, Joyelle has got another special, Love Joy, lined-up, this time on the very prominent streaming service, Peacock, come this Fri. Nov. 5th. Also, that notes another very nice point on the board for Peacock’s comedy special slate (including Carmen Christopher’s Street Special and Jo Firestone’s Good Timing)

Get a taste of what’s to come with Joyelle Nicole Johnson’s “Love Joy” here.