Jon Stewart’s New Apple TV Plus Series To Be Called with “The Problem with Jon Stewart”

(via THR)

In the years since Jon Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show, the late night world has expanded, gotten way more political, and even more diverse if you can believe it (though Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj not getting renewed and the arrival of Gutfeld! doesn’t help).

Stewart is now on the verge of returning to behind(?) a desk to dive into specific issues in a way that doesn’t seem too dissimilar to former Daily Show colleague John Oliver and his award winning Last Week Tonight.

It is actually interesting that this announcement does come on the heels of the premiere of Fox News’ very own nightly late night talk show this week with their funny(?) pundit, Greg Gutfeld. Stewart’s return doesn’t happen until later this fall, but it’s hard to not see how polarized comedy has become when it comes to being topical. Now, to be fair, we don’t know the how or the what in regards to tone, execution, etc. that will be brought with the cheekily named The Problem with Jon Stewart, especially now that Trump is an ex-president. Stewart remains a much missed voice in the arena of political comedy and late night and one has to wonder what sort of Jon are we going to get.

Is there going to be the Jon that crucified Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and took Arby’s to task on a regular basis or is it going to be the Jon that pleaded for some sanity and peace on Crossfire or is this going to be sort of like when Gandalf returned in white in the Lord of the Rings’ tragedy with a much more sobering demeanor?

Again, like most things with this particularly insane time in human history, we’ll just have to wait and see.