Pick of the Day: Johnny Pemberton (in LA) 12/22

One of the more dynamic performers that LA has known and loved is the comedic whirlwind that is Johnny Pemberton. Whether he’s wearing an oversized suit playing (if we remember correctly) a cruise ship comedian or donning a rat tail and a Southern accent to play teamster/DJ/mystic/Hollywood insider Dicker Troy or tying himself at one of a rope to Josh Fadem or just being his very own self on stage, Pemberton’s daring has had us hysterically laughing and gasping for over a decade now.

It’s just another thing we miss from the before times that is thankfully coming back, specifically next Wed. Dec. 22nd at the Yard Theater in East Hollywood at 7PM PT for Johnny’s Cool Fun Nice Hour. Don’t miss out on whatever Pemberton has dreamed up and is fearlessly going to put his all into on stage. Tickets are only $10 and you really ought to go get them here.