Joe Pera Imagines a Gentler James Bond That’s Probably the Sort of Calm We Need

In anticipation of his upcoming two part nationwide tour ingeniously called “Summer in the Midwest and Rustbelt Tour” and “Fall Everywhere Else Tour”, Joe Pera went on Seth Meyers last night and showed Hollywood what they’re missing by having Joe Pera Talks with You come to a close.

Joe opted to “reveal” during his chat with Seth that “he will be” a wildly reinvented James Bond that’s more about fighting litter than international crime lords. In fact, he’ll be a Yank living in Philly and, well, you should just enjoy Joe Pera’s extremely homespun version of Agent 007, which includes Seth reading lines for an iconic scene and a rare little bit of giggly breaking from Joe during this whole bit.

Give it a watch and giggle plenty for yourself here.