Joe Kwaczala Does Another Batch of Hysterical Sketches “21 for ’21” (Raising Money for Mutual Aid)

A few years ago (or maybe several depending on how you count years in pandemic time), the phenomenal Joe Kwaczala released 31 videos on the same day in honor of just turning 31. You can revel all of those videos’ comedic glory here.

Before that, you might want to delve into the latest gift from Kwaczala, 21 new sketch comedy videos for the year 2021 that are just a wonderfully bizarre and hysterically out-of-left-field as those other 31 videos all those years ago. Also, Joe is raising money for East Hollywood Mutual Aid as nearly all government economic recovery packages have fallen quite short from what Americans need to get through this pandemic.

You can enjoy all 21 for ’21 here and then, if you’re up for it, donate to helping a whole community get what it needs here.

Some of our favorites include:

this ad for a horn honk emporium:


this mini doc about living with brilliant artists:

and, of course, a step-by-step tutorial on the “official” dance to The Violent Femmes’ classic single “Blister In The Sun: