Pick of the Day: Self-Care with Jo and Aparna 5/21

Of the crucial things that we all need to do right now, one of them is self-care. Truly, do whatever you need to do to feel OK so long as it’s not hurting others or yourself.

Perhaps, one of those things is enjoying an entire self-care/wellness themed comedy show hosted by two comedians that, for our money, make us feel so at ease. You might be in luck as there is such a show coming up called Self-Care hosted by Jo Firestone and Aparna Nancherla. Jo and Aparna are taking this special evening to really dig in to the finer points and nuances of self-care. They’ll also be joined by a grand line-up of special guests, which, for this week is so, so stacked (they’ve got Guy Branum, Josh Sharp, Christin Chiello thus far).

For something that’s supposed to be a check-in show, Aparna and Jo have plenty up their sleeve it would seem. Proceeds from Self Care with Jo and Aparna go to the staff of The Bell House where this show would have been sans pandemic.

Tickets start at $5 and you very much should tickets for the game ASAP. Buy at ticket right now.